“I’ve just read Cully Perlman’s hefty, ambitious, and radiant debut novel, The Losses, and I was flat knocked out.” – John Dufresne

“Short story writer Perlman debuts his first novel, a beautifully written, complex intergenerational drama that examines the ways family relationships shift when trust is broken.”
– Kirkus Review
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Cully Perlman’s fiction and nonfiction has been published in Bull Men’s Fiction, The St. Petersburg Review, Real South Magazine, Avatar Review, Creative Loafing, Connotation Press, The Good Men Project, Pioneertown, El Portal, and more. He was a 2013 semifinalist for his novel-in- progress, LOS BEAUTIFUL, as well as on the short list of finalists for the 2012 William Faulkner – William Wisdom Competition for his novel, THE LOSSES. He has been a finalist in Glimmer Train’s Very Short Story Contest, won the Writer’s Digest Dear Lucky Agent contest for a novel, and received an honorable mention in Glimmer Train’s Fiction Open. Cully lives in Colorado with his wife, Susan, two daughters, and his attack dog, Kane, who, well, attacks. He snowboards (Cully, not Kane), hikes, camps, fishes, reads, and does other cool stuff that will be left unmentioned. He’s also a project manager for large digital engagements.


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“Cully Perlman’s “The Losses” is the rare kind of novel by a young American writer that will continue to work on you long after you’ve turned the last of its pages. Raw in its sheer narrative power, The Losses packs an uncommonly potent psychological punch, unfolding with the quiet inevitability of a Greek tragedy burnished by the slow glow of Cormac McCarthyesque embers.”

Mikhail Iossel,
Author of Every Hunter Wants to Know: A Leningrad Life

“Rich in character and plot, The Losses is a hard-boiled literary romp sure to send you scurrying for anything that Cully Perlman writes next.”

Jeff Parker,
Author of Where Bears Roam The Streets and Ovenman