[be_shortparagraph short_title=”Short Stories”]Pioneertown Lit – A Short Long Day at Zabundy, Inc.

Bull Men’s Fiction – A Three-Legged Table

Connotation Press – Three Stories

  • Stupid, Stupid Hospital
  • A Broken Heart is a Broken Heart
  • Nurse

Creative Loafing – The Tabaquero’s Squirrel (Fiction Contest Winner)

Tower Journal – Sad Lonely People

Avatar Review – Baggage

St Petersburg Review – Let’s Not Talk About Money

El Portal – City of Crosses

Real South Magazine – Glennville

[/be_shortparagraph][be_shortparagraph short_title=”Essays”]The Good Men Project

Never Cut Your Toenails at Night

Seriously, Why do we Marry?

Who Gets Custody of Our Friends?

Rage, Rage Against….Myself

My Mother-In-Law Rejects What I Cook

Asian Girlz and Rock Stars

My Wife Struggles Better[/be_shortparagraph]